Stainless steel dished end grinding and polishing machine

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Product introduction:

      This machine is suitable for all kinds of standard heat polishing,conical head polishing,spherical headpolishing,torispherical head polishing,industrial pressure head polishing,deformed head polishing, stainless steel elliptical head polishing and stainless steel sealing head inside 8 outside surface polishing.The dish head polishing machine is extensive apply for the polishing of work piece in the range of medical, chemical, environmentalpurification, food and beverage, water filtration etc.

The equipment consists of a beam, a column, a base, a grinding head, a dished head rolling table, a controlcabinet, and etc.. Suitable for dished head 500mm-3000mm inside and outside polishing, optional dished head turntable load range: 1-20 tons.

Product parameters:

      1. Input total power is about 8KW

     2. Dimensions: 3800 x 1600 x 3080 (L x W x H, in mm)

     3. Standard configuration: 1 ton head turntable, beam up and down, left and right, workpiece rotation.

frequency control, a total of three inverters, beam effective stroke 2500mm.

     4. Grinding head motor national standard four 4kw one, grinding head belt, thousand impeller, hemp wheelcloth wheel interchange.

     5. Thousand impeller specifications:  250mm x 50mm, abrasive belt specifications: 2000mm x 50mm.

     6. Machining accuracy: surface roughness Ras0.4um

     7. Production efficiency: 8 square meters / hour

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