Techniacal Service: 

1) Design rational process for customers according to their product positioning.

2) Help customers carry out technological transformation on the entire process to improve their production efficiency and capacity.

3) Customize polishing machine configurations and other manufacturing equipment for customers; provide spare parts to equipment users.

4) Help customers test, inspect and analyze new processes, and offer reasonable suggestions and improvement proposals.

5) Improve customer operation on polishing equipment; train their ability to use the equipment and improve their application efficiency.

6) Provide software train for customers and software design of special patterns.

7) Provide processing service for special products.

8) Provide professional designers of technological application to equipment users.

9) Provide technical advice, equipment maintenance and repair services.

After-sales Service:

• Free on-site installation and commissioning. (Customer provides air ticket + accommodation)

• 24-hour service hotline; monthly telephone callback, providing free instruction and answering your questions.

• Life-time maintenance; one-year warranty. After warranty, we provide reasonable prices of spare parts and service.

• Once a year on-site free maintenance. (Customer offers airfare + accommodation, or completed by our local agent)

• Comprehensive and systematic technical training, to ensure your correct operation of the equipment.