Employees’ health dream, physical examination is a humane thing

 Company News     |      2023-10-31 14:13
In order to improve employees' attention and understanding of their personal physical conditions, protect the health of all employees, avoid the occurrence of diseases, and also reflect the company's care for employees, the 2023 annual physical examination is scheduled to be arranged on October 20.

According to the regulations on physical examination management, diseases belong to the scope of personal privacy. According to the dispersed characteristics of this physical examination, we conducted careful research and arrangements and fed back the situation to individuals. We take many forms. First, those who can get accurate results at that time will inform the physical examination subjects in person and in time; second, suspicious cases with subsequent results that need to be re-examined will be informed by phone; third, the office phone number is public, and physical examination personnel can call at any time to proactively inquire, and the health center physical examination The department arranged a dedicated person to be responsible for the interpretation work; fourth, personal files were established for the basic information and health status of the physical examination personnel, and a synchronized electronic file was established.


   Through this physical examination, we have a preliminary understanding of the health status of our employees, and can prevent problems before they occur, so that employees can have a healthy body, have a happy family, and actively participate in future life and work with a good mental outlook!