Double heads grinding and buffing machine

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Product introduction:

      The equipment consists of a beam, a column, a base, a tank grinding head, a grinding head for dished end, a tank rolling table, a dished end rolling table, a control cabinet and other components. Suitable for tank with diameter 800mm-3000mm, dished end with diameter 500mm-3000mm inside and outside polishing, optional dished end' s turntable load range: 1-20 tons.

Product parameters:

     1. Input total power is about 12Kw

     2. Equipment dimensions: 4500 x 1600 x 3080 (L x W x H, in mm)

     3. Standard 1 ton tank rolling table, 1 ton dished end turntable, beam up and down, left and right, workpiecerotation, frequency control, a total of three inverters (rolling table, turntable sharing, transfer switch control), beameffective Stroke 2500mm

     4. 2 sets grinding head motor with 4kw each, tank body, grinding head for dished end, abrasive belt, thousandimpeller, hemp wheel, cloth wheel interchange

     5. Thousand impeller specifications: 250mm x 50mm, abrasive belt specifications: 2000mm x 50mm6.Machining accuracy: surface roughness Ra<0.4um

     7. Production efficiency: 8 m² / h

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