Accidents are not difficult to prevent, the most important thing is to abide by the rules

 Industry News     |      2023-10-13 09:42

Recently, the enterprise service group released a message asking all enterprises to organize employees to watch the warning educational video "The Road Home". Because this warning education video has a strong appeal and warning education effect, the company organized all employees to watch it. .


By participating in the "Safety Accident Warning Education" activity organized by the company, everyone has a deep understanding of the importance and necessity of carrying out warning education, and a deep understanding that the lessons of being careless and ignoring safety are profound, the impact is far-reaching, and the consequences are serious. We must firmly establish the awareness of safety concerns, tighten the "safety" string at all times, overcome the fluke mentality, eliminate the paralyzing and lax thoughts, and be strict, diligent, detailed and practical. In daily work, if each of our employees can establish the ideological consciousness of "safety first", operate in strict accordance with safety regulations 100%, and check every link of safety production in place, no doubts will be missed, and no doubts will be missed. With one detail, many accidents can be avoided. Take one more look, be safe, take one more step to prevent, and have fewer accidents. These are the slogans we should keep in mind in safety production work. In the future, we must do more preventive work in this area to avoid accidents.