How to determine the degree of corrosion before rust removal by sandblasting machine

 Industry News     |      2023-09-28 08:58

How to determine the degree of corrosion before removing rust from the sandblasting machine? What standards should be referenced for the rust grade assessment before rust removal by the sandblasting machine? Understanding this knowledge will be of great help to us in maintaining our machinery.

When steel and other metal materials are exposed to the air for a long time and come into contact with corrosive substances such as water vapor, oil, dust, etc., rust will form on the surface of the metal material. If not treated in time, the rust will spread to the inside of the metal material, causing irreparable damage. serious consequences. Paint coating is a common and effective measure to prevent metal rust.

 Evaluate the corrosion level of the surface of the metal structure body, carefully inspect the rusted areas, use a sandblasting machine to remove welding slag and other attachments, clean the grease and soluble dirt on the metal surface, and properly dispose of useless welded bodies or connections. The sandblasting particles used by the sandblasting machine must be hard, angular, dry, and free of impurities.

 The international standard for sand blasting and rust removal on metal surfaces adopts SISO55900, which is divided into Sa1, Sa12, Sa2.5 and Sa3. Sa3 is a high standard and difficult to achieve. Generally, it is better to reach Sa2.5 for sandblasting operations.