How to reduce its noise pollution when useing the polishing machine

 Industry News     |      2023-08-11 15:30

If the machine produces large or small noises during the polishing and wire drawing process of the polishing machine, it will not only affect the working mood, but also affect the work efficiency and the effect of the workpiece. In order to make the polishing and wire drawing effect of the polishing machine achieve good results and increase the work efficiency, we find out all the factors that are not conducive to product quality and improve them one by one. To reduce noise pollution, we must first understand where the noise comes from and what the principle of noise is. So we can take measures to solve it fundamentally. Let's analyze the reasons and improvements of the noise products of the plane polishing machine in detail:

According to the mechanism of the noise of the polishing machine, it can be known that the huge noise is caused by the severe vibration of the grinding head under the action of unbalanced force when grinding the product, and the vibration is the real cause of the noise. Vibration occurring in surface polishing machine processing is a typical phenomenon of dynamic instability. The schematic diagram of its work can be simplified, and a single abrasive particle can be analyzed.

Through the vibration analysis of the grinding head of the plane polishing machine, it is concluded that the factors affecting the noise of the grinding head are the width of the grinding and the speed of the grinding head of the polishing machine. You can choose the appropriate grinding width and speed to prevent resonance and effectively control the noise of the polishing machine. Improving the width of grinding and the speed of the grinding head can make the noise disappear. In fact, this method is very simple. It just requires us to pay more attention and observation at ordinary times, find out the right reason, and improve the bad mechanism to achieve our desired effect. The noise of the plane polishing machine disappears, and the operator can perform the polishing operation in a quiet environment, so the work effect and efficiency will definitely be greatly improved. I hope that all people who are facing this problem will try to improve it and create a good one. working environment.