Requirements after polishing shutdown

 Industry News     |      2023-07-03 11:54

Requirements after shutdown:

1. All power switches must be turned off

2. Clean up the dust on the machine tool and various parts: clean up the site and place the materials neatly.

4. Start-up operation

1. Let the motor run dry for 2-3 minutes. When starting up, the operator is not allowed to leave the machine equipment, and is not allowed to do other irrelevant things.

2. Long-sleeved clothes must wear sleeves, and long hair must wear a hat

3. Do not wipe the rotating parts when starting up.

3. Wear work glasses and masks during polishing operations.

4. Don't look around when working, absent-minded

5. Wear tights instead of loose clothes. To prevent clothing from getting caught in the buffing wheel

6. The outer edge of the polishing machine should have a protective cover to prevent the particles thrown from the polishing wheel from hitting the face.

7. Do not let any part of the body and clothing touch the polishing wheel.

8. Good ventilation environment to avoid dust accumulation

Note: At any time during the processing process, you must always pay attention to whether there are deformation, burns, scratches, brightness and other problems during the polishing process of the material. If the problem is found, it should be stopped on time to make corresponding adjustments. When the problem is not clearly identified or the adjustment cannot solve the problem, it should be reported to the workshop and other departments on time to seek solutions and solutions.

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