Have you maintained the polishing machine?

 Company News     |      2023-08-22 16:01

The use rate of mirror polishing machine in our current production and life is still very high, and its polishing effect is good, which has a very good promotion effect on improving work efficiency. However, in order to improve the service life of the product, we must pay attention to many basic maintenance items. How to maintain the polishing machine effectively and correctly? Let's take a look together.

First, control the speed. The working principle of the polishing machine is very simple, but it is necessary to control the basic polishing speed when using it. Too fast or too slow polishing speed will cause problems, whether it is for the polishing effect of the product or the polishing machine itself. It is no good to say that, so pay attention to the adjustment during the actual polishing process. There is a button on the mirror polishing machine that can manually adjust the speed, which can be adjusted according to the actual polishing requirements during the operation to ensure the actual effect and safety.

Second, grasp the angle. The use of the polishing machine still has certain requirements. If you want to ensure the basic polishing effect, you must master the direction of the polishing. Try to keep it parallel to the mirror surface. It is easy to cause equipment failure and product problems.

Third, regular maintenance. The use of the mirror polishing machine requires regular repair and maintenance work, and timely detection of problems in the equipment, so that the faults can be eliminated in a timely manner to ensure the long-term effective use of the equipment, and there is also a certain guarantee for safety.

I don't know if everyone has mastered it? Proper maintenance of equipment can ensure good production efficiency and prolong the actual service life of the product.

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