What should be paid attention to improve the efficiency of mirror polishing machine

 Company News     |      2023-07-24 10:54

Compared with other types of polishing machines, the structure of the mirror polishing machine is relatively simple. However, it still needs to be used correctly in use, and daily maintenance should be done well. In the industry, the maintenance problems of the mirror polishing machine are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  1. When the mirror polishing machine works continuously for too long, the polishing roller friction heats up at a high temperature, which is easy to burn the leather surface, and it needs to be cooled before operation;

  2. Before and after work, the surface of the polishing roller should be cleaned and waxed to keep the surface smooth and dust-free;

  3. During use, control the pressure of the feeding roller to be appropriate, so as to avoid too much resistance, and the electrical appliances are easy to burn out due to heat. Do a good job of lubricating the rotating parts of the transmission chain to keep the transmission reliable;

  4. The mirror polishing machine should be tilted backwards, and the rear wheels must be stored on the ground;

  5. The power cord of the polishing machine is required to be stored well. It must be wound on the hanging hook, and then wipe the surface of the power cord with a wet rag. If the power cord is found to be damaged, it must be replaced in time and cannot be used again;

  6. The appearance of the polishing machine and each sheet metal cover, especially the surface of the motor and cooling equipment must be kept clean, and the polishing consumable powder should be cleaned regularly;

  7. Check the whole machine of the mirror polishing machine. Check the screws, belts, and tightness of each part of the polishing machine. If they are loose, they should be adjusted to the appropriate level. Check the wear degree of each bearing, and replace if damaged;

  8. The guide rail should be cleaned, and there should be no polishing consumable powder on the guide rail. After cleaning, lubricating oil should be added to make up, fasten the handle, handball, screws, nuts and other parts;

  9. Keep the machine tool tidy. Cleaning and polishing machine accessories, clean, tidy, and rust-proof.

   Improving the efficiency of the mirror polishing machine is related to many factors. Some precautions mentioned above must be cautious, and the "inaction" in these links will lead to a decrease in efficiency.