External polishing machine shipped to Russia

 Company News     |      2023-07-10 11:00

Double heads cylindrical polishing machine

1. Consistency - Different workers using different tools or using different methods can deburr and finish parts, but the quality of parts is unlikely to be uniform.

2. Efficiency - Consistency reduces the likelihood of having to do work on the same part twice. The automatic cylindrical polishing machine has also expanded its production capacity. Parts can be deburred and finished in large batches, saving time. the

3. Safety - The automatic cylindrical polisher means workers are not exposed to as many sharp edges. These machines get the job done, reducing the occurrence of repetitive motion injuries.

4. Automation allows the product to offer variations in finishes and to choose parts of various shapes and sizes.

Customers from Russia came to XYD factory for on-site inspection, and they are very satisfied with our factory and products. They think our product quality is very high, and the price is ex-factory price. Whether it is price or service, our factory is first-class in the world Yes, decided to go back to Russia to vigorously promote our products!