Workshop safety production management system

 Announcements     |      2023-10-09 09:15

In order to do a good job in safety management in the production workshop and implement the national "Safety Production Law" to prevent and control the occurrence of safety accidents in the workshop, this system is formulated and each workshop shall comply with it:

1. All employees must receive pre-job training on operating procedures and safe operations. Employees must wear labor protection equipment and safety helmets before going to work, and operate in strict accordance with the production operating procedures.

2. It is forbidden to work after drinking in the workshop, and sick employees are not allowed to work, so as to effectively avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.

3. It is strictly forbidden for employees to go to work shirtless, wear slippers, high heels and clothing that is not conducive to safe production. Female employees should have long hair tied on top of their heads, otherwise they will bear the consequences.

4. Employees are strictly prohibited from bringing non-company personnel or children into the production workshop, otherwise the relevant personnel will be held accountable.

5. Before starting work, the machine must be inspected. After confirming that there are no abnormalities, the machine can be started. Only after the empty machine is run to confirm that there are no abnormalities can formal production operations be carried out.

6. When an abnormality is found in the machine during work, it should be stopped for inspection or professional maintenance personnel should be asked to repair it. It is strictly prohibited to carry out repair work without authorization.

7. In case of holidays or company breaks, employees on duty should turn off welding machines, loading machines, cutting machines, drilling machines, milling machines and other mechanical equipment before leaving work, cut off the power supply, and clean the work area before leaving get off work.

8. Electrical circuits are not allowed to be moved or connected without authorization. If any circuit wires are found to be exposed or damaged, report them immediately and arrange for a full-time electrician to repair them.

9. Mechanical equipment must be maintained on schedule to maintain normal operation and safety precautions must be strengthened.

10. Smoking and the use of open flames are strictly prohibited in the production area. If open flame operations such as welding and cutting are really necessary, protective monitoring must be done before the operation can begin.